Financial institutions

The financial world is on the move and is constantly facing new challenges. The global financial crisis and global and economic developments have further increased the process of change, particularly among financial institutions. Low interest rates and declining margins are increasing earnings pressure and worsening the market and competitive situation.
New legal and regulatory framework conditions as well as the supervisory requirements place high demands on employees, IT architecture and system infrastructures. In addition, there is increasing international competitive pressure in the operating business areas, such as the deposit-taking business.
Financial institutions meet these cost-intensive requirements with strategic realignments, optimization of business processes, transformations and cost reduction programs. The change processes focus on particularly complex IT systems.
Proway supports financial institutions in the planning and implementation of complex IT projects to achieve the desired goals. We accompany you as a partner from the preliminary study to the introduction of production and take over the application management for the desired systems.

Risk Controlling

Growing regulatory requirements, in particular supervisory and accounting law, as well as changes in the financial markets require regular review, optimisation and adaptation of methods, monitoring processes, models, data and monitoring systems for risk management.
Proway has extensive know-how in risk controlling and supports you in particular with the following projects:

  • Optimization of parallel calculation of internal models (VaR) for market price risks
  • Realization of comparison tools to determine changes in result values
  • Realization of monitoring tools (e.g. monitoring of folders / portfolios, portfolio changes, PnL changes, …)
  • Execution of process analyses and process optimizations
  • Connection of trading systems (e.g. Kondor+, Calypso, Front Arena, …) for business data supply of risk monitoring systems
  • Connection of market data systems (e.g. internal systems for quality-assured market data for valuation purposes of risk monitoring systems)
  • System adaptations and system extensions required due to audit findings
  • Performance analysis of your risk management systems
  • Preparation of preliminary studies with feasibility analysis for the implementation of new projects

Application Management

Over the years, many financial institutions have developed a highly complex IT application infrastructure consisting of a multitude of different applications. The reasons for this can be found, among other things, in growing technical requirements, new technologies and the prompt fulfilment of new regulatory requirements. This is associated with constantly rising costs and personnel expenses for maintaining the production operations.
Due to personnel commitment, it is becoming more and more difficult to support current and new projects in the required quality and to complete them in time. Proway creates open space for you through Proway Application Management with an outstanding and efficient team. Therefor Proway takes over customer applications partially or completely with all associated tasks. And all this in 24/7 operation 365 days a year, if desired. We offer you a transparent pricing structure and individual, customer-related Service Level Agreements (SLA).

Our Application Management service spectrum includes among others:

  • 1st-, 2nd- und 3rd-Level-Support
  • 24h-Hotline
  • Application monitoring with reporting
  • Securing the production operation for the adopted applications
  • Responsive bug fixing
  • Test management
  • Application maintenance
  • On-site consulting at the customer location
  • Further development & optimization of the application
  • ITIL Application Management

Well known customers and global players have relied on Proway Application Management for years. Have we raised your interest?

Market Data Management

Excellent market data management in the areas of risk controlling, trading and accounting requires in-depth technical know-how, secure methods, powerful tools and, above all, the right market data. For valuation purposes, quality-assured market data is essential in risk controlling and accounting.
Growing technical and, in particular, regulatory requirements demand a high degree of technical flexibility as well as regular optimisation of data provision, methods and processes.
Proway supports financial institutions in market data management in the following subjects:

  • Design, planning and implementation of market data management concepts
  • Analysis and optimization of market data management infrastructures
  • Recording, structuring and consolidation of functional and technological customer requirements
  • Creation of technical and IT concepts as development specifications
  • Connection of new market data systems (e.g.: Bloomberg, Reuters, Telekurs, EUREX, MarkIT, etc.) to the market data management environment and customer systems
  • Implementation of configurable validation and refinement methods for quality-assured market data (Data Cleansing)
  • Preparation of feasibility studies
  • Consulting on quality-assured and historical market data
  • Contract management with market data vendors