Our Philosophy


Since more than 20 years we are active in consulting and deal extensively with software. As a system house, we follow the maxim: “We consult and implement your projects”.

To be able to implement successful projects with our customers, we have invested in and developed our product solutions over a long period of time in order to offer our customers unique software solutions: Our warehouse management system Proway Business World, our middleware platform Gamma, our organisation and time tracking system CS/6 and our sensor box Gamma Magic Cube. In addition to our own product solutions, we offer high-quality hardware products as a distributor of the manufacturer North Atlantic Industries.

By now, we are all aware that companies working with standard solutions can only face the global price war of service and products.

At Proway, our goal in consulting and software development is to enable our customers to operate better and more successfully on the market. In this way, we cultivate our long-term customer relationships, with which we can offer our customers real added value for the digital future.

Proway leads by example: We use our product solutions not only in customer projects, but also in our own company. With our customer projects and many years of experience with our own products, we create innovations through which we maintain successful customer relationships in international markets. In addition, the know-how from research projects with the Fraunhofer Institute continuously flows into our development and our projects.

To offer our customers and employees a safer and better future, we combine nature and technology. With our Proway “Future Forest” in order to safely counteract climate change.

For a better and saver tomorrow. Let us continue to work together for this!

Our Sustainability

Sustainability usually means saving resources. Whether it is the consumption of energy, the protection of nature and the environment or being very mindful of each other.

For us at Proway, sustainability also stands for the future and we have already given a lot of thought to this. To be able to deal with the future, ideas are essential. But to take the next step, you have to know the goal. For its success, experience, ideas and time are necessary. The software sector is comparable to a good whisky. It needs time to mature and investments are necessary to achieve economic success.

We at Proway have been following this path with our product solutions for many years. Our principles are that our product solutions must be “generic”. Static product solutions are standards and that means process flows are standardised and all have the same orientation. Companies that focus on standard software usually pursue the goal of being able to offer their products and solutions on the market quickly and at low cost.

Our orientation is to clearly differentiate ourselves from the standard and the sameness. Our Proway Business World warehouse management system has been developed to enable customers to easily adapt their processes to market requirements at any time. With our middleware Gamma as a “universal connector”, the customer has the possibility to link all applications, machines and sensors. The Gamma magic cube makes it possible to manage and control the Smart Factory or the Smart City in real time. Our product solution CS/6 enables the dynamic management of your company.

One of the biggest fears of a company is that its business model will be copied overnight. For example, if Google copies the insurance standard and offers you a cheaper car insurance. When Amazon can suddenly advise you on your shopping behaviour and finances. When Apple suddenly offers you leasing contracts more easily and cheaper because Apple has already been accompanying you with electronic services for many years. These examples are based on an electronic standard that can be used to offer low-cost services to a large number of people.

But to return to our sustainability: Proway’s goal is to offer its current and future customers solutions with which they can grow and with which they can develop. Above and beyond the standard.
The only way out of the trap of “standard and sameness” is to create added value. This path is usually uncomfortable, costs time, energy and money. But the return is a safer and better future.

It is not only of benefit to the customer, but also to our employees. Projects and products that are constantly being developed advance the individual employee in his activities and thinking through his daily work. We laid the basis for this with the founding of Proway more than 20 years ago. Our references and certificates on our website demonstrate that we already have sustainably aligned ourselves for the future with our innovations and products.

That is why we extend the slogan “Stay healthy” into “Stay healthy and dynamic” – for a safer and better future.