Our branch solutions


  • Development of new test systems as well as modernization of existing and construction of new development and production test systems for various global aircraft equipment companies
  • Support in the development of a complex and modular test platform based on the PC architecture, as well as a compact ARM-based variant
  • Cross-site integration tests in real time as part of a German research consortium


  • Beam positioning for an irradiation facility for the proton treatment of all kinds of tumours
  • Planning and implementation of control systems for several synchrotron radiation sources


  • Support in the development of a grinding machine and delivery of the control, I/O and user interface
  • Gamma VI as central communication platform for the next machine generation in the textile sector
  • Control and monitoring systems for drilling machines, stretching machines, measuring instruments,
  • Grinding machines, rotor spinning machines, printing machines, construction robots of various manufacturers


  • Product tracking system for steel stamps with the aid of barcode readers (forerunner of the RFID tracking system commonly used today)
  • Replacement of a control system for steel converters without interrupting production
  • Digitization of factories in the light and glass sector, as well as antenna and cable production
  • Uninterrupted replacement of a high-bay warehouse for a German chemical company


  • Development of production & research test benches for the testing of clutches as well as for dynamic load tests of torque converters
  • Support in the construction of test facilities

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