Integration of Gamma VI on Windows 10

Our latest Gamma version is Windows 10 compatible.
Gamma VI was developed to be compatible with Windows 10. In addition, Gamma VI’s network functionality has been improved since the previous version. Many functions and operations are optimized in Gamma VI. Procedures can be handled easier and faster.

Important reasons for switching to Gamma VI:

  • New modules and drivers were developed for Windows 10. The compatibility to your applications is guaranteed.
  • Important security gaps were closed with Gamma VI
  • The performance level of Gamma VI has been increased significantly in Windows 10
  • Gamma VI now uses the latest secure communication protocols
  • Possibilities for further porting and integration of libraries in Gamma VI are possible
  • Gamma VI remains familiar to the user despite the many innovations
      • Well-known start menu
      • Easy to use

Innovations and extensions of Gamma VI

  • Update Gamma I/O Builder (Module 1)
      • Configuration of the gamma data model, I/O and scheduling easily via mouse
  • Update Gamma Explorer (Module 2)
    • Gamma Explorer with “Remote Connection”: Comfortable analysis of systems in the network. Connection with remote Gamma systems are possible without running a local instance of the Gamma Service
    • Display/view of the entire data model of a gamma system at runtime
  • Gamma Data Logging Analyzer (Module 3)
    • Graphical analysis of recorded value changes of variables / visual evaluation of data changes. Export and preparation of recorded data in standard format (e.g. Excel) or re-import into any customer format / customer internal tool (instead of processing with raw data & using a CSV converter)
  • New gamma I/O interface for Linux. Simplifies development. Pure C++ solution.
  • Python 3 support. Soft migration from Python 2 (“End of Life “) to Python 3.
  • Official integration of Qt5 for Python 3
    • Example: Creating a GUI application using Qt5 for Python 3 (PySide2) without any C++ knowledge. Fast prototyping during the development of test stands to send commands to Unit Under Test
  • Official Windows 10 Support
  • Improvement of the real-time optimization: processes under Linux optimized to run more stable within the given time window

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