What is Proway Business World?

The heart of every logistics system is the software that ensures that all areas, transports and processes interact smoothly. Proway Business World (PBW) is an enhanced WMS system with unique functionality. Compared to other WMS software solutions, PBW not only includes standard WMS functions, but also handles the complete flow of goods and information. With PBW, goods and information flows can be organized, controlled, mapped and analysed along the logistics chain – even over various logistics sites. PBW also has interfaces to ERP systems and a large number of industry-specific and customer-specific interfaces. PBW supports the integration of various peripheral devices such as production machines, scales, conveyor systems, robots and many more.

Proway Business World Functionalities

Validated Functionality

Validated by the Fraunhofer IML

Proway Business World impresses with its quality. The powerful range of functions is validated by the Fraunhofer IML.

Validierung mit Hintergrund

We know your daily challenges in logistics

This is why we have developed a logistic solution for you that does not leave you standing in the face of your challenges, but instead allows you to work in a modern, efficient and precise manner


less implementation time due to generic structure of the system architecture


more security and stability through well-founded and efficient core and main processes


less training through self-explanatory dialogues, adoption of customer wording and dialog-related online help

Benefit from PBW advantages and be ahead of the competition!

Higher performance

No waiting and no delays. PBW works in real time

Saving costs

through a transport route matrix with optimised transport routes for as few transport steps as possible

Simple and reliable handling

through intuitive user interface and context-related inputs

Continuous improvement

of quality, customer satisfaction and profit through efficient and precise organization of your value chain

Save time

by digitalizing and automating your logistics processes with Proway Business World

Individual use

through role-defined and user-defined authorizations

More flexible storage and accurate stock management

through dynamic storage location management with allocation variants and graphical overview of Warehouse, Production and Shipping

Optimization of process costs

with Activity-Based Costing in Proway Business World

Only a few mouse clicks in the Production Control System

with PBW Production Planning

Download the highlights of PBW

Proway Business World enables you to design your value chain efficiently, precisely and fast. This ensures a continuous improvement of quality, customer satisfaction and profit.

Advanced PBW Solutions


Industry 4.0


Smart City


Artificial Intelligence


PBW as Cloud Solution