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Benchtop and VXI Instruments

NAI offers a wide range of Benchtop and VXI card-based motion simulation and measurement instruments specifically designed for defense, commercial aerospace and industrial applications. Noted for their best-of-breed performance, these innovative and highly reliable instruments are used in a broad range of programs by customers world-wide. Typical applications include design; simulation; production test; and calibration of airborne, ground-based, and shipboard systems such as navigation control, signal retransmission, fire control, LVDT/RVDT simulation, and test. Key features include:

  • Innovative circuit designs
  • Stringent component selection
  • Ultimate in accuracy, speed, repeatability, programmability, and reliability

NAI’s instruments are field-proven over many years of use and have become the industry standard. All of NAI’s production, test, and inspection personnel are certified to IPC-A-610 standards via the American Society for Quality (ASQ), and our equipment calibration procedures meet the requirements of ANSI/NCSL-Z540, utilizing standards traceable to NIST.

ModelForm FactorFront Panel TypeInternal ReferenceResolutionAccuracySignal Voltage RangeReference Voltage RangeFrequency RangeInterfacesOther
8810ABench & RackmountHigh-Res Touch ScreenOptional 2.2 VA0.0001°Up to ±0.0015°1 to 90 VL-L Auto Ranging2 to 115 Vrms47 Hz to 20 kHzEthernet, USB, IEE-488 & Parallel PortsTwo Speed Operation, Auto Phase Correction, Velocity & DC Angle Output
2250ABench & RackmountHigh-Res Touch ScreenOptional 6 VA0.0001° (Phase)Up to ±0.01° (Phase50 MV to 500 Vrms50 MV to 500 Vrms10 Hz to 1 MHzEthernet, USB & IEEE-488
5330ABench & RackmountHigh-Res Touch ScreenOptional 6 VA0.001°Up to ±0.005°1 to 90 VL-L Auto Ranging2 to 115 Vrms47 Hz to 10 kHzEthernet, USB, IEEE-488 & Parallel PortsTwo Speed Operation, Dynamic Angle Modes
5300Bench & RackmountLED4 VA0.0001°0.00015°1 to 90 VL-L Auto Ranging2 to 115 Vrms47 Hz to 20 kHzIEEE-488Synchro/Resolver Standard Accuracy & Resolution

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VXI Instruments

NAI offers a wide range of COTS and custom VXI-based Instruments. These boards are specifically designed for defense, commercial aerospace, and industrial applications. Our DSP-based designs offer very high function density, high resolution and accuracy, and low power consumption. Standard features include extensive diagnostics, Background Built-In-Test (BIT), auto-ranging of signal inputs, self-calibration, galvanic isolation, and field programmable parameters. A VISA PNP Software Support Kit (SSK) is provided to facilitate application development.

ModelFunctionVoltage RangeFrequency RangeExcitation/Reference SupplyNumber of ChannelsOther
65CS4Synchro/Resolver Measurement & Stimulus1.0 to 90 VL-L47 Hz to 4,000 Hz, 47 Hz to 10 kHz or 20 kHz2 to 115 Vrms4 Measurement Channels 4 Stimulus Channels5410C-89 Replacement
65DL2LVDT/RVDT Outputs24 Vrms360-20 kHz2 to 28 Vrms8 Channels or 12 Channels contact factory5410C-83 Replacement
65DL1LVDT/RVDT Outputs34 Vrms360-1500 Hz2 to 28 Vrms16 Channels
65DA2-55Digital-to-Analog (DC) Outputs±10 VDC or ±16.3835 VDCN/AN/A12 Channels5410C-55-3 Replacement
5388S/D & D/S2 to 115 VAC47 Hz to 10 kHzNone2 Channels
65VP1Analog-to-Digital/Digital-to-AnalogN/AN/AN/A6 ChannelsVideo Pattern Generation

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