System house for product solutions, IT projects and consulting

Proway GmbH was founded in 2000 and offers high-quality and technically demanding Software Solutions, Software and Hardware Products and IT projects in all industries. We are your partner for optimization and consulting in IT Software Solutions.

Digitalization, automation and the use of artificial intelligence drive us forward every day. This also applies to the continuous development in the dynamic environment of logistics. If the standard is not sufficient and requirements cannot be met, it is essential to adapt processes. With our products, we create optimal solutions for your challenges – quickly and goal-oriented.

With our know-how, we can rely on our experience from a large number of regional and international projects, which we have implemented for our customers for over 21 years.

Our product solutions

Proway is not only your IT development partner, but also your product manufacturer. As a system house, we offer mature product solutions that have been in use at our customers sites for many years and are permanently being further developed. Our product solutions have a long history with a high degree of stability and security. We rely on state-of-the-art technologies so that you are always one step ahead of your competitors.

In addition to our own product solutions, we offer high-quality hardware products as a distributor of the manufacturer North Atlantic Industries.

Our IT projects and consulting

Proway offers expertise in aerospace & defence, test systems, IoT projects, business consulting, project management, quality management, IT architectures, software development using the latest methods, including deployment, roll out, maintenance and further development. Proway is very familiar with the complex system landscapes of large automotive and industrial groups as well as banks due to its many years of experience in the implementation of projects.

We focus on consulting, because that’s where everything starts. With our competent team we realize your wishes:

High-performance projects and developments for over 20 years.

Development, environmental and production testing in aerospace, automotive, rail or automation.

Boundless freedom, wireless with our Gamma Magic Cube.

Use Proway’s portal and application solutions as your central data hub.

Our services include project management, planning, design, development, testing and integration.

Our project managers and moderators are engineers with development and product experience.

Today’s systems consist of software, sensors, actuators, hardware and form widely networked systems with high-performance data transmission.

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Innovations for your future

The range of services in addition to the product and hardware solutions of Proway is innovative and diversified: It covers the development in a research association, digital transformation, digital twins and artificial intelligence.

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Proway's future forest

Proway is engaged in nature & technology for our future. We care about our forest and our nature. For this we take responsibility as a future-oriented and sustainable company.

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