Project, time and organisation software CS/6

Our product CS/6 is a cloud based software solution. Employees are managed by a very comprehensive and sophisticated role and rights management system. Not only individual employees can be coordinated, but also entire teams or even large organizations. The product solution has been developed since 2003 in such a way that important project data such as project times, support, vacation, illness, controlling etc. can be managed very easily without loss of overview.

Core functions of CS/6:
  • Organisation
  • Employees
  • Technique
  • Project Magagement
  • Time recording
  • Controlling
  • Ticket & Support
  • Inventory Management

Due to the modular design, the core functions can be selected variable and are individually adapted to the requirements. The focus is on the services provided by the employees, which can be mapped in an organizational and customer-oriented manner. This includes project and ticket organization with the following functions and services:

  • Extensive Service Catalogue
  • Project and Organization Management
  • Risk Management
  • Service support
  • Planning and Coordination System
The development of CS/6 is focused on the following premises:
  • An easy and intuitive system solution
  • Very high security standard (personal data)
  • Mobile solution (browser based system)
  • Extensibility of functions
  • Technology (Cloud Solution)

Create decisive competitive advantages for you and your customers with our CS/6 solution – we are pleased to support you.