Aerospace & Defence

The business case of software engineering and services in the environment of personal injury prevention is of high relevance, because the damage to the company’s image in the event of a harmful event is usually more serious than the corresponding development costs for the prevention.
Proway offers approaches and solutions that provide both safety and innovation, as shown by the fact that many customers from security-critical sectors have a long-standing trust in the competence engineering services and the function of Proway’s products.

Use case engineering for security-critical systems and sensors

Systems engineering services are another important business case for Proway. Proway has focused for years on safety-critical environments such as environmental/hazardous materials, energy supply, aerospace, military and healthcare. Especially in the field of sensors, Proway has a lot of experience with security critical systems and components. Qualified systems, electronic and mechanical engineers from Proway are used for this.

They perform tasks to analyze systems and coordinate work groups both internally and externally across company boundaries, ensure strict security requirements (standards) to customers and secondary affected groups and ensure that these are met, improved, verified and documented. They ensure a secure and innovative design, a correct data integration (middleware), protection against failures with buffers and testing of the required properties using suitable test systems.

This enables effective protection from personal and material harm on the earth, in the air or in the water, in war and in peace within the environment of security-critical systems and sensors through the proactive Proway extended engineering services.

Use case spacecraft missions

The success of space missions also depends on the robustness of the power supply. The corresponding power unit must be able to perform and withstand a lot (vibrations, heat, radiation, …). It must have been consistently tested under stress before rocket launch to ensure that compromiseless reliability is guaranteed under all loads during launch and for many years in space conditions.

Test systems in aerospace based on Gamma VI as middleware can communicate with the power units of aerospace products in a variety of ways and with long-term stability via corresponding bus protocols. Proven Gamma VI applications control the long-term test processes under real-time conditions via Python test scripts or Matlab simulations and contribute to the success of space missions.

Our portfolio of services:

Service Types

Proway provides the services listed below that cover the entire life cycle of an electronic system:

  • System proposal, documentation, quotation, and delivery
  • Product Support and Life Cycle Management (Maintenance, After Sales Support)
  • Extended Services
    • Hardware (Re)Design: Reliability, Safety, Simulation
    • Software (Re)Design, Data Management: Safety, Security
  • Support of Resources
    • HW & Product Logistics
    • Lab & Test System Facility (Design and Production)
    • Engineering & Development Personnel, Project Responsibility & Overhead

Extended Services, Integration & Qualification

  • System Engineering Services
    • Planning
    • Program and Project Management, Scheduling
    • Requirements Engineering (Functional Definition according to Standards, Best Practices)
    • Qualification, Certification, Quality, Environmental Test, RAMST, ILS
    • Communication with Customer
  • Product/Subsystem Integration
    • Hardware Integration & Qualification
    • Software Integration & Qualification
      • Operating System Optimization and Configuration (Real Time, …)
      • Middleware Configuration & Programming: Architecture, Logic, Interfaces & Protocols
    • Testing
      • Test Planning & Procedures & Cases
      • Test Equipment & Software
    • Simulation & Interface Control
    • System Configuration
  • Organizing resources
  • Documentation according to Standards

Used technical standards

Upon request, we provide detailed evaluations and documentations:

  • NATO, Eurofighter, DO-178 B & C
  • SAE ARP, RTCA, EUROCAE WG-12, STANAG, NATO Standardization Agreement, Safety Design Requirements And Guidelines For Guided Munitions
  • MIL-STD 882B 1629A, Ministry of Defense (MoD) UK
  • General Safety:
    • IEC 61882:2016, Hazard and operability studies (HAZOP studies) - Application guide
    • EN 61508: Functional Safety Of Control Systems
    • Automotive (ISO 26262)
    • Railway (CENELEC 50126/128/129), but not applied
    • European Union Machinery Directive, 2006/42/EC, applied to environmental and intrinsic hazard analyses of radar systems

We offer additional system or project-specific services, including maintenance and support.