Middleware Gamma VI

With the product solution Gamma VI the developer has the possibility to automate recurring standard tasks of processes and data connections. A product solution that can discretely control and manage processes and data throughout your systems. One that supports you during development and test and simplifies maintenance and upgrades for you and your customers after delivery. A unified platform for service oriented test systems, consistent machine controls or large scale production facilities according to the requirements of „Industry 4.0“. Modular, arbitrarily adaptable and expandable, and independent from existing hardware. This communication and integration platform is no longer just imagination. It exists today. Its name is Gamma VI.


The communication and integration platform Gamma VI is a middleware that uniquely combines sensors, fieldbuses and systems with various development tools. With numerous interfaces and tools from different manufacturers, machine controls or powerful test and simulation systems can be set up or entire production plants (shop floor) abstracted.

The communication and integration platform Gamma is now available in the VI generation and is a proven product that has been on the market for over 25 years and has been continuously developed and optimized. With this middleware platform, modern machine controls, test systems and even entire factories can now be digitalised extremely efficiently.

The most important point in the development of modern applications today is the integration of sensors and subsystems into a homogeneous platform. With this data model, processes can easily communicate with each other and are simultaneously linked via the time model of the middleware. The Gamma VI platform supports all these important types of data communication and is the ideal platform when functions and uniform interfaces have to be provided and linked together in a central system.

The middleware represents the “universal connector” between different layers. Whether robots, sensors, PLCs, machines or tools – Gamma VI always connects all applications with the best-possible communication.


Every modern computer system can be described in layers. The top layer is usually the application that is based on an operating system (2nd layer), which itself runs on the hardware (3rd layer) and controls and communicates with it.

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Middleware based test systems

Whether aviation, automotive, rail or automatization – nothing works today without thorough testing. We support you in development as well as in environmental and production testing.

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Industrial engineering and automation

The mechanical engineering industry is increasingly turning to the Gamma VI middleware platform. It is the fastest and most flexible solution to integrate systems.

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Project execution and facility modernization

For more than two decades we have not only offered platforms and tools, but also extensive engineering and development services.

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Branch solutions

Development of new test systems as well as modernization of existing and construction of new development and production test systems and for globally active companies.

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