Project execution and facility modernization


For more than two decades we have not only offered platforms and tools, but also extensive engineering and development services. With these we accompany our customers as far and as closely as they request – from concept design to complete turnkey solutions.
As an experienced system integrator, we support our customers in the development of plants and systems. We can help you with:

  • planning
  • selecting and procuring suitable hardware
  • providing the necessary development tools
  • integrating hardware components, I/O functions and protocols
  • networking
  • system integration and configuration right up to the finished prototype
  • development of controls and application
  • user interface design and programming

In recent years, we have increasingly focused on customer-specific integration of communication platforms. That encompasses operating system integration, I/O functions and boards, field buses, networking, database integration and more up until visualization of data and processes. This allows our customers to quickly and painlessly integrate their application with these new communication methods. This combination opens up a very efficient method of realizing and implementing new embedded systems.

Facility Modernization and Replacement

Since it is based on open interfaces, our middleware platform Gamma VI is extremely flexible and therefore uniquely suited to upgrading and refitting control and user interface components in existing facilities, as the software can “plug” directly into the present systems. Conversely, modernizing machines and facilities originally designed based on Gamma VI is incredibly easy, as new sensors, actuators and other hardware can be integrated with the control software via simple plug-ins. The resulting new (embedded) systems feature the same outside facing interfaces as far as possible.

Since our software development process is based on simulation models of the existing hardware the application is going to drive, it is not necessary (unlike with classical development methods) to shut down running facilities for the duration of the development process. Depending on the extent of the changes, on the day of changeover only the software or control computer are exchanged and the prepared cabling is re-plugged accordingly. Downtime is significantly reduced, startup procedures are sped up, and costs are minimized.