Sensor box Gamma Magic Cube

The formation of the Gamma Magic Cube

In order to ensure more secure and reliable systems in the aviation and aerospace industry, the development of Gamma software was started in 1986 by RST GmbH – since 2019 part of the Proway family. This led to the first version Gamma 1, enabling aircraft and turbines to be simulated and tested around the clock for their load capacity and reliability. Since then Gamma has been continuously developed so that today, among other things, aircraft and turbines in the sixth generation can be tested and simulated in 24-hour stress tests.

The core of the current Gamma VI version is the data model. More than 1,000 conditions can be managed simultaneously in real time. This is comparable to 1,000 employees working together simultaneously in a wide variety of functions, such as controlling the horizontal tailplane or regulating the turbine output on the aircraft.

This performance has never been achieved by any software before. On this basis the Gamma Magic Cube was created. Gamma can manage over 1,000 sensor states, such as heat, humidity, dust, etc., simultaneously and in real time. As there are now thousands of sensors available on the market that Gamma can manage and control, there are no limits to the magic cube. From private networks, productions up to entire cities, the Gamma Magic Cube can be used to manage and control all these sensors. The technology of the Gamma Magic Cube is based on the experience of over 30 years of quality and reliability in the aerospace industry.

Gamma Magic Cube

Using the Gamma Magic Cube, data can be monitored in just one app. Directly from the field or also from the machinery. Your data is only stored in your company – on your Gamma Magic Cube.
Just for you – no cloud.

My data

The owner of the data is the principal. Neither the city nor an industrial company can view your data without passing it on to someone else.

Independent of location

Control and monitoring of data and sensors independent of location.


Keeping the overview, but in your own network. The data and information remain on the PC, laptop, tablet or own server (application).

No cloud solutions

No cloud solution, only if requested. Access via own network.

Coded wireless connection

Secure connection via Bluetooth, WLAN, LAN, D-Networks and LoRaWAN.

Simple handling

Monitoring your data in just one app



  • Independence of location
  • Increased flexibility
  • Time saving
  • Sustainability and eco-friendly management
  • More efficiency
  • Optimization of the own business
  • Compatibility with numerous sensors from different manufacturers
  • Durability of the sensors

Smart Factory

Machines, products, people and systems must be linked and networked in the age of digitalization in order to meet the industry standard 4.0 and enable extensive automation of processes.

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Smart City

In order to make cities more efficient and sustainable, to take care of safety, health and the environment, and above all to ensure a better quality of life for people, some cities are already using Internet of Things (IoT) technologies.

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Smart House

Protecting your own home with sensors against burglary or elementary damage, up to monitoring rooms when you are absent. Check from on the road whether windows and doors are closed, for example.

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Smart Farming

All data, whether in animal farming, arable farming or fruit and vegetable production can be clearly read out in the Gamma Magic Cube App.

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1,000 sensors in real time - 100,000 sensors in the control and management system

With the Gamma Magic Cube, more than 1,000 sensors can be connected and queried simultaneously in real time.

In a Smart City, for example, sewage systems are equipped with sensors to monitor data such as water volume, pressure, flow velocity and temperature at all times. Even sewers or shafts filled with water and gases can be monitored. The sensors transmit the data to the Gamma Magic Cube, which can be evaluated immediately.

Parking sensors with digital displays can also be installed to monitor and control free parking spaces. It is also possible to monitor corrosion or moisture damage to road and bridge surfaces, concretes and steel structures. The possibilities are manifold.

Depending on the configuration level, over 1,000 sensors can be managed and controlled simultaneously. Several Gamma Magic Cubes can be networked with each other – for example from individual districts of a city.

Maximum security for your data

Your data id stored in the Gamma Magic Cube. Different to a cloud solution, storing data directly on the Gamma Magic Cube offers several advantages:

  • Access to the Gamma Magic Cube at any time and with different devices – on site or mobile. You have control to your sensor data from everywhere.
  • No open transfer of data to third parties
  • Content is stored only on the Gamma Magic Cube – no sharing or copying to a cloud server
  • Data is not given to an external provider – your data will belong exclusively to you

With the Gamma Magic Cube you work in your own network with your own structure. Your data will remain private. That’s why our solution is called Gamma Magic Cube: Our cube gives you security and your data is protected against misuse.

Extract of sensors

Whether acceleration sensor, pressure sensor or temperature sensor …
Some examples:

Pressure Sensors

Monitoring of the conditions of sterile engineering in the cleaning process, in food production, beverage production and biotechnological processes, in medical technology, in hydraulics, in cooling and air conditioning technology


Control of machines, turbines, crash and gearing tests in the automotive industry as well as control of attractions in leisure parks

Ground Humidity Sensor

Measurement of soil temperature and electrical conductivity and determination of the moisture content (of the ground) in green areas, parks, agriculture

Torque Sensors

Placement of medical devices (e.g. surgical microscopes), monitoring of a screwdriving process, measurement of engine torque on electric motors, in breweries, on power supply units, on combine harvesters, on gear test benches

Humidity Sensors

Measurement of air humidity & maintenance of constant room humidity in laboratories, in heating, ventilation and air conditioning technology, in production processes (continuous humidity measurement in containers, silos, trays, conveyor belts

CO2 Sensors

Air and temperature monitoring and CO2 measurements in deep-freeze storage areas, in the food industry, in agriculture, in indoor areas, in the city centre

DSC Sensors

Monitoring of switch and error signals for quality deviations in production (metal working)

Distance, Range, or Route Sensors

Measurement of path, distance, position, capture of complex constructions