Our Proway Smart House Solutions

Protecting your own home with sensors against burglary or elementary damage, up to monitoring rooms when you are absent. Check from on the road whether windows and doors are closed, for example.



  • Door and window contacts (optical or magnetic detection): Protection against theft & monitoring during absence (warning if door or window opens in absence or checking if all windows and doors are locked)
  • Alarm system: Link with door and window contacts
  • Smoke detector
  • Alarm in case of gas or water leakage
  • Presence simulation (recording over weeks – playback during absence)


  • Heating control: Switching on and off during presence or absence, networking with window contact (detection and reduction of temperature during airing)
  • Electricity meters (Smart Metering) – Targeted energy consumption for washing machines or dishwashers
  • Water sensor (status / monitoring of leaks) – also possible in water tank or boiler


  • Automatic switch-on when entering the house / cellar / attic / pantry
  • Lighting control: Automatic switching on and off in presence or absence
  • Movement detector (outdoor)

Further Cases

  • Measurement of the indoor climate for the carbon dioxide content of the air
  • Measurement of humidity in rooms to prevent mould spores
  • Weather station & rain sensor