Our Proway Smart Factory Solutions


Machines, products, people and systems must be linked and networked in the age of digitalization in order to meet the industry standard 4.0 and enable extensive automation of processes. With our Gamma Magic Cube, entire machine parks can be organized and controlled in real time. Only in this way entire production lines can be operated efficiently in the future.

Benefits of a Smart Factory

  • Lean and optimized processes
  • Reduced production costs
  • Higher machine utilization
  • Maintenance and support
  • Transparent data processing
  • Connection to further applications
  • Reduced production times
  • Increase in productivity
  • Less storage costs
  • Transparent supply chain
  • Reduced personnel costs in production
  • More production flexibility
  • Faster adaptation of production processes
  • Shorter time to market launch times for new products
  • Quick adaptation to new or changed product requirements
  • Increased delivery reliability

Intelligent data preparation using the Gamma Magic Cube

  • Data recording, data collection, and production control is performed in real time
  • Predictive maintenance in real time:
    • Condition monitoring of the machine
    • Automatic messages when limit values are exceeded or undercut
    • Notes in case of machine wear and tear
    • All machine data are documented during lifetime
    • Maintenance intervals are monitored automatically

One of the major challenges of the Smart Factory is the huge amount of data that machines store when processing individual processes. With the Gamma Magic Cube the accumulated volumes of data can be managed, purged, sorted out and individually stored and distributed. The Gamma Magic Cube handles the data processing.

Central monitoring of machines at different locations is possible. Test results from other sites are transmitted directly to the head office so that the data can be integrated into production.


Medical Technology

  • Monitoring blood pressure and controlling fluid pressure during the dialysis process
  • Pressure monitoring for medical gases and for oxygen applications
  • Monitoring autoclave for the sterilization process of medical devices (surgical materials, hospital waste management)
  • Measurement of air humidity & maintenance of constant room humidity in the laboratory
  • Placement of medical devices (e.g. surgical microscopes)

Research & Development / Test Stations

  • Flight simulation in space travel
  • Test systems used in the field of aviation equipment
  • Testing of clutches and tests for dynamic load tests on torque converters
  • Real-time integration testing across multiple sites

Test Benches

  • Measurement of torque on the torque test bench
  • Test benches in the energy industry
  • Power measurement of drive shaft on planetary gear test bench, on large gear test bench, on clutch test bench, on water turbine test bench
  • Engine test benches with recording of the mechanical power

Food Industry

  • Sterile process engineering: Monitoring of the conditions in the cleaning process (chemical resistance / cleaning solutions / temperatures) in food processing, beverage production and biotechnological processes
  • CO2 measurements in food and beverage, fruit and vegetable transport and in cold storage rooms
  • Level measurement (level control) in filling plants
  • Control of the filling of beverage bottles
  • Control of the correct filling of confectionery articles


  • Monitoring of wind turbines
  • Measurement of torque on power generation units
  • Measurement of the exact solids content (total, activated sludge) in wastewater
  • Power measurement on drive shafts, on planetary gears of wind power plants, on wind blades, on water turbine test benches
  • Onshore and offshore electricity production

Industrial Engineering

  • Filter monitoring in screw, piston and turbo compressors
  • Temperature measurement for controlling the cooling unit during machine cooling, on grinding machines, …
  • Monitoring of humidity in production processes (continuous humidity measurement in the running production process almost in real time)
  • Monitoring of a screwdriving process
  • Measurement of torque on electric motors, in breweries, in static applications, in bottling plants
  • Power measurement on special lathes, cardan shafts, milling machines, grinding machines …

Automotive Industry

  • Transmission tests, crash tests, brake control, engine testing, triggering of airbags (also in vehicle robots)
  • Track bed analysis in transport / railway industry
  • Pressure sensor for mobile hydraulics
  • Power measurement at belt pulley, at car wheel / truck wheel
  • Vibration measurement at car wheel
  • Temperature measurement on car brake disc
  • Measurement of the tank-floor distance in the automotive sector (between floor covering and vehicle load – compensation by adjusting the air suspension)

Further Industries

  • Process monitoring in hydraulics
  • Hydrostatic level measurement of process liquids
  • Level measurement in material preparation tanks
  • Temperature monitoring during printing processes, e.g. on printer rollers / 3D printers
  • Detection of air humidity & maintenance of constant room humidity in heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems
  • Pressure sensor for refrigeration and air conditioning
  • Level / monitoring of water, oil and gas levels in storage tanks and cisterns