NVE Master Engine

Avedium Technologie GmbH becomes a strategic partner in the field of EDI. Proway provides its NVE / SSCC from the PBW area of its own warehouse management solution (WMS) in the form of the NVE Master Engine to the Avedium EDI solution as an integrated functional extension.

What is NVE / SSCC?

NVE (SSCC, Serial Shipping Container Code) is a worldwide unique number for the identification of a shipping unit. The NVE / SSCC is an 18-digit identification number for labeling containers, pallets or cartons.

The number is used for tracking and tracing any type of goods along the entire transport route. Each number is assigned only once and can be read out automatically. When merging several shipping units, a superordinate SSCC can be created.

By providing the NVE / SSCC, the shipment can be fully tracked and stored in the electronic data interchange (EDI) as a central key.

As a globally standardized code, many retail companies require the use of this marking. With the NVE Master Engine, you can create these barcodes quick and easy – with only one interface and different interface types.

Integration of the Proway Product Solution "NVE Master Engine" into avEDIum EDI Platform.

Together with the EDI partner Avedium Technologie GmbH, the NVE Master Engine product was developed.

NVE Master Engine is a powerful software that can be used to transfer large numbers of transactions. The product name is also program, i.e. Master Engine stands for masterful and powerful engine. Due to the extensive international experience in the field of logistics and our warehouse management solution “Proway Business World”, we guarantee a secure and reliable EDI solution based on the Avedium platform.

With the NVE Master Engine, Proway has managed to integrate ERP systems from medium-sized businesses and in the enterprise environment, very easy and fast.

Our focus was primarily on connecting existing customers from the ERP systems SAP Business One, Sage, Infosense and M-soft. With the NVE Master Engine, we have now established the possibility to create SSCC labels and EDI delivery notes directly from the ERP system. The EDI delivery advice is issued on the electronically standardized DESADV format.

Workshop: EDI and NVE Master Engine. ERP integration, easy made.

Learn more about this in our workshop: EDI and NVE Master Engine ERP integration, easy made. New dates will follow soon. If you are interested, please contact us directly.