Gamma Blockchain Connector

The use of blockchain technologies has increased significantly in the last few years, especially in the field of business process digitalisation. The applications of blockchain technologies help to secure critical processes in automated production and logistics.

The blockchain developed by Proway will be implemented in the next release of our Gamma 7 product solution. Blockchain-based data storage will be launched as a component in our established Gamma middleware and extended with crypto/blockchain technologies.

The focus lies on a forgery-proofed and decentralised management of

  • Log files and postings (past operations)
  • Commands and rights (current operations)
  • Programmes and schedules (future operations)

Gamma Blockchain technology operates at the source of critical data and provides a secure, decentralised, tamper-proof and transparent solution for exchanges between the nodes in the network.

Main advantages

  • No centralised data storage
  • Secure the authorship of data
  • Stabilisation of collaboration along the entire supply chain

Use case 1: Activity-based Costing and Resource Monitoring

In multi-step product manufacturing each step in the process can require complex cost accounting. From raw materials to labour costs and the costs of customisation and shipping. This can be difficult to track, especially when third party companies are involved. In addition, chemical products usually have to be stored in sensitive warehouse environments where humidity, temperature and safety containers can be monitored.

We can provide a solution that enables a clear, permanent logging of cost-intensive processes and/or transactions by recording database changes in a private blockchain. This provides company executives with a clear, unambiguous data history usable by the courts. In cases where materials are lost, damaged or poorly stored and in financial accounting applications such as cost tracking it is very useful.

Use case 2: Aerospace testing

Proway a has proven record of success in support of aerospace testing using Gamma Middleware. We can extend this process to the Gamma 7 concept and offer blockchain-based data storage.

Use case 3: Security systems

We can also implement the Gamma 7 concept with a complex security system and transmit access logs, sensor logs and much more to a private blockchain. The recording of activities is very useful as evidence in legal issues.


To summarize, our solution is to implement a private blockchain that stores database entries in a history. If a company employee updates or deletes a record, the previous version is documented. Such an unchangeable data record can provide a valuable history of data that can be adapted to individual customers.

We implement Gamma 7 together with you to ensure the highest level of security in your history and future.