Energy management

Efficiency is the key to sustainable and successful energy management. The experience from our projects teaches us that effective energy management can lead to potential savings of up to 30% of consumption values. Why can we claim this with such a belief?

Our standardised Gamma platform is capable of reading over 100,000 meters per unit – whether it’s electricity, water, oil, heat, gas or other types of meters – all at the same time. The resulting data is merged and harmonised, enabling practical processing and targeted implementation of energy-saving measures.

To make it easier to understand and control the generated information, our middleware provides the data in a visual, descriptive and meaningful way. This creates clearly structured information.

Mode of operation

The comparison of energy management with a car clarifies this functionality: Similar to how vehicle functions tell us exactly how much energy is currently being consumed and whether this consumption is efficient or adjustments are needed while driving – for instance driving faster or slower. Our Gamma System makes it visible when, where and how much electricity, water, heat, oil, etc. is consumed and whether the consumption is economical or can be optimised.

With well-structured energy management, remarkable progress can be made: For example, we realised that the energy supply of a building can be quickly optimised with the help of our innovative middleware. By reading the energy meters and consolidating and harmonising the collected data, our platform builds an extremely solid basis with minimal effort. Our solution can be implemented within a very short time and the investment is amortised after only a few months.

Our platform clearly identifies water leaks and excessive electricity and water consumption. This results in a transparent and efficient distribution of energy costs. Solar power plants can also be connected to our platform without any problems and in a short time. The data is used automatically for billing and administration. This helps to reduce the administrative costs in the area of energy management.

The advantages of our platform are obvious: As a central energy management system, Gamma supports cities and municipalities in reducing costs to a minimum, making optimal use of energy sources and deploying resources in a targeted manner.