Connected Systems

Modern-day systems in our everyday surroundings and in the manufacturing industry consist of software, sensors, actuators and hardware, forming wide network systems with high-performance data transmission. Intelligence and knowledge are distributed and are used by various people. These systems are characterised by a large number of individual components and their suppliers worldwide. The components are integrated with each other in a wired or wireless system or directly in the same software process space and are offered to the users as a viable function. Sector boundaries disappear in the face of the strength and versatility of the network integration. Automotive systems, logistics, household appliances, smart home, industry and mobile devices place the same demands on connecting systems despite the different quantities involved. We take care of all the requirements in our managed integration package.


System and software architecture

  • Technology-based system architecture
  • Server and embedded software architecture design
  • Definition and monitoring of component communication
  • Software and system design for integration
  • Design for distributed development
  • Migration of existing systems and software components
  • On-board and off-board trace and analysis methods

System and software integration

  • Build and release management
  • ContinuousiIntegration
  • Software start-up with cross-functional teams
  • Concentration of project management
  • Integration test
  • Handover for system test
  • Open-source software reporting & handling
  • Integration of sectors and divisions

Software testing

  • System and software performance analysis
  • Calculation of KPIs (key performance indicators)
  • Software endurance testing
  • Diagnosis of intermittent faults
  • Focus test for specific fields
  • System and software stability test

Technologie Expertise

  • Telematics, browsers, online, back-end
  • Speech Input and Output
  • Multi media engine integration
  • Wireless, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, mobile communications
  • Real-zime Linux (RTOS)
  • Vehicle networks

System Test

  • Automotive system test
  • Test planning and test case definition
  • Software Release Testing (agil, daily, weekly)
  • Functional component testing
  • Trouble ticket management (trial and verification)
  • Maintenance of test objects (updates)