Proway’s future forest


Technology often means taking something away from nature. The mining of metals, the generation of electricity through coal-fired power plants and road constructions are examples where we take something from nature so that our society can benefit. Technology plays an increasingly important role, especially for companies that have to keep up with global competition.

Using the slogan “For a safer and better tomorrow”, we thought about how we could unite nature and technology. The first step was our “rethinking”: How do we manage to help our nature with our technology. The result was that we need to give back a piece of what we have already taken from nature. Thus, the project to create a Proway Future Forest was born, to be able to show that we do not only talk about nature and technology, but also caring for both.


Proway is engaged in nature & technology for our future.

We care about our forest and our nature. For this we take responsibility as a future-oriented and sustainable company.

With our Proway Forest, we are not only setting a signal, but also actively change the future with our doing & thinking by means of our Gamma technology: With the sensor box “Gamma Magic Cube” developed by Proway, habitats of animals and plants can be cultivated and monitored. The sensors report the corresponding values, such as temperature and air pressure, electrical conductivity of the soil, quality of the air and many other values. Based on these values, we can determine the vitality of our forest and actively intervene, for example, in the event of insect infestation, drought or growth disorders.

We not only care for and protect our forest, but also create a green and healthy surrounding for future generations. In order to be able to speak of a future forest, we have planted 15 different tree crops such as gingerbread, redwood and tulip trees next to oak and beech trees. In a few years, our forest will be turned into a park.


Our thinking and activities are shaped by sustainability. We love our forest and our nature. For this, we take responsibility as a future-oriented and sustainably managed company.