Our Proway Smart Farming Solutions

All data, whether in animal farming, arable farming or fruit and vegetable production can be clearly read out in the Gamma Magic Cube App. The collected data are evaluated and the subsequent soil management, for example fertilization, can be adjusted accordingly.

But also the networking of agricultural machines and the control of driverless vehicles are supported by the Gamma Magic Cube. Data from modern tractors equipped with camera, laser and GPS steering and lane keeping systems can also be read out and displayed in the app.


Soil Analysis

  • Measurement of the electrical conductivity of soil
  • Measurement of various factors/soil parameters to support targeted cultivation and less pollutants in food and groundwater through reduced use of pesticides and fertilizers:
    • Soil moisture
    • Nutrient and humus content
    • Soil organisms
    • Pressure sensitivity
    • Physical composition (particle size distribution)

Crop Production

  • Reduced use or complete elimination of fertilizers and pesticides for ecological relief
  • Degree of maturity of plants
  • Temperature & air pressure / air temperature
  • Measurement of various factors
    • Soil conditions, plant conditions/plant growth, weeds, nitrogen content of plants
  • Protection or detection against diseases
    • Sunlight & carbon dioxide (in greenhouse)
    • Insect infestation e.g. in yellow skin
    • Leaf damage, aphids…
    • Maize cultivation: protection against corn borers / control of the corn borer population

Cultivation / Productivity of a field

  • Growth status of individual field sections
  • Plan ley and field preparation
  • Temperature measurement in real time, e.g. in the asparagus field
  • Irrigation
  • Savings in operating resources

Animal Farming

  • Continuous monitoring of the stable climate, e.g. for draughts
  • Monitoring of the health status (range of movement, feeding behaviour or body temperature) of animals by means of a tracking collar (also on the pasture)
  • Increased surveillance of sick or pregnant animals possible
  • Reduction of pharmaceuticals in animal breeding
  • Real-time location of animals including long-term detection of movements of individual animals or the herd
  • Management of feeding & feeding behaviour data
  • Automatic feed dispenser
  • Dairy cows: examination of the milk for fat and protein content and electrical conductivity (detection of diseases)