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In addition to our IT projects, Proway also acts as a software system house with its own product solutions. Proway pursues a two-pillar strategy consisting of services and software products.

In order to be able to build up long-term know-how and strategies in the software sector, it is necessary to continuously bundle the gained knowledge. Despite the enormous technological progress in software development, development needs time and money for the use in productive operation.

We have continuously built up and consolidated this knowledge over decades with our three products. Our products are innovative, easily adaptable and oriented to the future. The current technology, the generic structure and the intelligent implementation make our products unique.

In addition to our own product solutions, we offer high-quality hardware products from the areas of single board computers, multifunction I/O boards, rugged power supplies and synchro/resolver simulators as a distributor of the manufacturer North Atlantic Industries

Our goal

The product solutions were constantly redesigned to keep up with the latest technological developments. Be it the usability or the maintainability of the applications. Because millions of lines of code must remain manageable.

Only on the basis of products companies can build up their professional and technical know-how and consolidate it throughout the years as an important foundation. Well-engineered product solutions are structured in a generic way. The individual needs of the customer are the focus. The software must adapt to the customer, not the customer to the software.

As a rule, Proway can cover 70 to 80 % of the requirements with its product solutions and guarantees its customers secure project success right from the start. Projects no longer become a danger, but a guaranteed success. Proway’s customers appreciate the many years of experience of its consultants and software developers in complex, often international tasks. Proway also offers software development projects in larger dimensions at a fixed price and thus gives the customer financial security.

shorter implementation times

more safety and stability

Less trainings