Automation and Conveyor Technology

The automation of processes using suitable conveyor technologies reduces costs, increases reliability and increases efficiency. This requires an optimal integration of the automated warehouses and system components into the other warehouse processes.

Proway has perfected PBW’s own standardised TCP/IP interface in many projects, as well as successful implementations of customised and manufacturer-specific system integrations using a wide range of communication protocols and techniques.

    • Manufacturer independent
    • System independent
    • Interface to subordinate control systems
    • Interface to material flow control (MFC)
    • TCP/IP protocols
    • Web services
    • Database links
    • erial according to VDI 5600

Many years of expertise allow a smooth connection of all types of automatic warehouses, conveyor technology components or peripheral equipment

    • Automatic High-Bay Warehouses
    • Automatic Small Parts Storage
    • Tray Storage
    • Autostore
    • Shuttle Systems
    • etc.
    • Sensors
    • Sorter Systems
    • Applicators
    • Winders
    • Scales
    • Carton Erectors
    • Packaging Machines
    • Automated guided vehicles (AGVs/FZSs/AGVs)
    • etc.
    • Pick by Light, Pick to Light, Put to Light
    • Pick by Voice
    • Pick by Vision
    • Pick to Belt
    • Displays and Indicators
    • E-Tag
    • etc.

In addition to communication the efficient use of conveyor technologies also requires various strategies to control the material flow. These differ significant depending on the physical layout of the plant and the selected technology. Nevertheless, there are some basic principles, tasks and logics that need to be followed for control:

  • Control of the transport releases
  • Double play for route optimisation
  • Space optimisation for multiple deep storage
  • Congestion and capacity monitoring
  • Load balancing
  • Empty container management
  • Error handling/NIO processing
  • Material balancing (fail-safe)
  • Emergency scenarios

Proway’s extensive know-how makes it possible to select the appropriate strategies for optimised and efficient integration of your automation component.