Mobile Services & Cloud Solutions


Mobile Devices (MD)

Mobile data devices are able to display, record and process data and processes from the warehouse management system in real time in a well-organised control system, away from a computer workstation. Process-relevant data is recorded and provided in real time regardless of location and site.
Business processes are optimised to the extent that times for collecting and recording information are saved. Real time data provides an overview of what is currently happening in the warehouse.


Working with mobile devices (MD, tablets, mobile phones, etc.) is suitable in the entire warehouse, whether for incoming or outgoing goods or inventory. All relevant functions can be adjusted at any place and time:

  • Display worklists
  • Goods Receipt
  • Transport confirmations in push and pull mode
  • Stock transfers and replenishment
  • Picking
  • Packing
  • NVE formation
  • Loading
  • Kanban
  • CEP inbound delivery
  • CEP receipts
  • CEP dispatch
  • Inventory
  • Stock transfers

The mobile PBW application is web-based and can be accessed via any standard browser. Therefore, PBW can be used independently on any device.

Cloud Solution

PBW can also be offered as a cloud solution.

  • High flexibility due to time and location independent access
  • Platform independent
  • 100% web based
  • Provision of the complete functionality in the cloud
  • No installation of software necessary
  • No need to set up IT infrastructure
  • No hardware resources required for data storage or use
  • Always the latest software version