Our Philosophy


Since more than 20 years we are active in consulting and deal extensively with software. As a system house, we follow the maxim: “We consult and implement your projects”.

To be able to implement successful projects with our customers, we have invested in and developed our product solutions over a long period of time in order to offer our customers unique software solutions: Our warehouse management system Proway Business World, our middleware platform Gamma, our organisation and time tracking system CS/6 and our sensor box Gamma Magic Cube. In addition to our own product solutions, we offer high-quality hardware products as a distributor of the manufacturer North Atlantic Industries.

By now, we are all aware that companies working with standard solutions can only face the global price war of service and products.

At Proway, our goal in consulting and software development is to enable our customers to operate better and more successfully on the market. In this way, we cultivate our long-term customer relationships, with which we can offer our customers real added value for the digital future.

Proway leads by example: We use our product solutions not only in customer projects, but also in our own company. With our customer projects and many years of experience with our own products, we create innovations through which we maintain successful customer relationships in international markets. In addition, the know-how from research projects with the Fraunhofer Institute continuously flows into our development and our projects.

To offer our customers and employees a safer and better future, we combine nature and technology. With our Proway “Future Forest” in order to safely counteract climate change.

For a better and saver tomorrow. Let us continue to work together for this!

23 years History

23 years History

Proway offers since more than 23 years high-quality and technically demanding Software Solutions, Software Products and IT Services.
At our headquarters in Blaustein (Ulm), but also at our locations in Stuttgart and Hohenbrunn (near Munich), we realize your individual wishes and visions into effect. Proway is your strong partner, local and global.

  • 2022

    22 Years Proway

    22 Years Company Anniversary – 22 trees represent the future.

    22 years later, we have achieved another successful year in the history of our company. For this we would like to thank our customers, partners but especially our employees.

    As part of our company anniversary, we will plant 22 trees in our Proway Future Forest as an expression of the future of our products and solutions and our IT services. With our care and enlargement of our Proway Future Forest, we are not only sustainably committing ourselves to species, nature and climate protection, but also additionally support this with our Gamma technology. Using the data obtained via gamma, we create measurable knowledge that feeds into our actions and thinking in order to constantly improve ourselves.

    Just Proway – For a safer and better future.

  • Proway’s future forest 2021

    Proway’s future forest

    Proway is engaged in nature & technology for our future. We care about our forest and our nature. For this we take responsibility as a future-oriented and sustainable company.
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  • 20 Years Proway 2020

    20 Years Proway

    Proway celebrates the 20th anniversary and looks back on its success story with pride. Since our foundation on 01.03.2000 IT services and product solutions are our passion.
    In our national and international projects, we offer many years of know-how in the hardware and software sector. Our customer base consists mainly of large corporations and medium-sized companies in various industries, such as aerospace, finance, automotive, mechanical engineering, chemicals, retail and industry. Many customers are loyal to us for many years – from the first installation until today. We were able to develop and grow constantly based on our product and service portfolio. As an industry-independent system house, we can react quickly and flexibly to changes on the market. With our methods and activities, we are prepared optimally for the future.
    This success was only possible due to the trust of our customers and partners and the great work and expertise of our employees.

  • Acquisition RST 2019

    Acquisition of RST into the Proway GmbH

    With the takeover of RST GmbH we are expanding our portfolio. The company is specialized in the development of real-time middleware platforms. Tasks related to testing and automation as well as technical support in the development of customer products and applications complete the profile.

  • Splitting Proway 2018

    Splitting of Proway GmbH

    Due to the fast-growing IT services business and product business, the shareholders have a new strategic focus. The areas of IT Services and Product Solutions were separated under the management of shareholder and managing director Thomas Kammer with new entry of Proway GmbH in the commercial register. Proway has developed from a pure IT Service Provider into a Product Provider and is continuing to expand its product strategy. Proway follows a two-pillar strategy consisting of IT Services and innovative Software Products.

  • Validation 2016

    Validation Proway Business World

    Our WMS was successfully validated for the first time by the Fraunhofer IML (Institute for Material Flow and Logistics) and received the validation certificate.  The validation process covers the areas of functions and processes, capability in practice and technology.

  • Warehouse Management System 2013

    New Development of an innovative Warehouse Management System: Proway Business World

    New development of an innovative warehouse management system with a unique range of functions: Proway Business World. More than one hundred customer-specific WMS, LVS and MFC developments as well as the many years of experience of our employees in logistics served as the basis for the new product development. With PBW, all material and information flows along the logistics chain can be organized, controlled, mapped and analyzed in real time.
    An essential differentiating characteristic of PBW is its high configurability and associated adaptability. If logistical processes change, these can be implemented directly in the system without any problems or major effort. PBW works continuously with key values that can be changed by the user. The user has the possibility of adapting the system perfectly to the needs of the company. During the development of PBW, attention was paid to high configurability, which created a powerful tool – a standard product that can be almost completely customized.

  • Financial Services 2011

    Expansion of financial services

    The world of banking is on the move and is constantly facing new challenges. Proway supported the development of the financial services division of a large German bank.

    The worldwide financial crisis and global and economic developments have further intensified the process of change, particularly among financial institutions. Low interest rates and declining margins are increasing earnings pressure and aggravating market and competitive conditions. New legal and regulatory frameworks as well as regulatory requirements place high demands on employees, IT architecture and system environments. In addition, there is increasing international competitive pressure in the operating business areas, such as deposit-taking business. Financial institutions are meeting these cost-intensive requirements with strategic realignments, optimization of business processes, digital transformations and cost-cutting programs. The change processes focus on particularly complex IT systems. Proway has therefore significantly expanded its Financial Services division and supports financial institutions in the planning and implementation of complex business and IT projects to achieve the desired goals. We accompany our customers as a partner from the preliminary study to the implementation of production and, if desired, take over application management for the desired systems.

  • Certification 2009

    Certification EN 9100:2009

    Certification as part of the quality management system for organisations in the aerospace and defence industries.

  • CS/6 2006

    Development of Business Suite CS/6

    Development of the Business Suite CS/6 as a project, ticket and time recording system, which has been continuously developed for our customers since 2003. The cloud-based solution allows projects and employees to be coordinated from any location. The sophisticated controlling and management system ensure a clear project overview at all times.
    Business Management Software Product (CS/6): Account assignment, budgeting, project planning, administration, recording, evaluation of resources.

  • Data Location System 2004

    Construction site and traffic information systems

    Proway provides construction site and traffic information systems for the federal state of Hessen and geographical mass data for the German Bundeswehr using data location technology.
    DLS was used to intelligently network road, rail and air transport modes. Accidents, traffic jams and traffic forecasts can be displayed transparently and clearly in a route network of approx. 16,000 km.

  • Damage Documentation 2002

    Software-based damage documentation

    Development of a software for the documentation of accidents and damage calculation: road closures, road damages, clean-up and salvage work, reflectors, traffic signs, road damages and more can be documented.
    The Intranet portal in the transport sector enables simple and fast claims settlement for liability insurers of approx. 100 road and motorway maintenance companies in the federal state of Hessen with the integration of road and transport insurance companies.

  • Foundation 2000

    Foundation of Proway GmbH

    In March 2000, Thomas Kammer and a partner founded Proway GmbH. In the following years, Proway developed into a successful consulting partner for IT Services and demanding customer projects. Since its foundation, Proway has been a development partner of well-known German automobile manufacturers.
    During its 20 years of activity, Proway has won the trust of other group and medium-sized companies in aerospace, chemicals, industry, mechanical engineering, telecommunications, the public sector and logistics. Business relationships that have existed since the company was founded have been further expanded and the trust based on partnership has been strengthened.


Proway’s future forest

Proway’s future forest


Technology often means taking something away from nature. The mining of metals, the generation of electricity through coal-fired power plants and road constructions are examples where we take something from nature so that our society can benefit. Technology plays an increasingly important role, especially for companies that have to keep up with global competition.

Using the slogan “For a safer and better tomorrow”, we thought about how we could unite nature and technology. The first step was our “rethinking”: How do we manage to help our nature with our technology. The result was that we need to give back a piece of what we have already taken from nature. Thus, the project to create a Proway Future Forest was born, to be able to show that we do not only talk about nature and technology, but also caring for both.


Proway is engaged in nature & technology for our future.

We care about our forest and our nature. For this we take responsibility as a future-oriented and sustainable company.

With our Proway Forest, we are not only setting a signal, but also actively change the future with our doing & thinking by means of our Gamma technology: With the sensor box “Gamma Magic Cube” developed by Proway, habitats of animals and plants can be cultivated and monitored. The sensors report the corresponding values, such as temperature and air pressure, electrical conductivity of the soil, quality of the air and many other values. Based on these values, we can determine the vitality of our forest and actively intervene, for example, in the event of insect infestation, drought or growth disorders.

We not only care for and protect our forest, but also create a green and healthy surrounding for future generations. In order to be able to speak of a future forest, we have planted 15 different tree crops such as gingerbread, redwood and tulip trees next to oak and beech trees. In a few years, our forest will be turned into a park.


Our thinking and activities are shaped by sustainability. We love our forest and our nature. For this, we take responsibility as a future-oriented and sustainably managed company.

Sustainability | CO²

Our Sustainability

Sustainability usually means saving resources. Whether it is the consumption of energy, the protection of nature and the environment or being very mindful of each other.

For us at Proway, sustainability also stands for the future and we have already given a lot of thought to this. To be able to deal with the future, ideas are essential. But to take the next step, you have to know the goal. For its success, experience, ideas and time are necessary. The software sector is comparable to a good whisky. It needs time to mature and investments are necessary to achieve economic success.

We at Proway have been following this path with our product solutions for many years. Our principles are that our product solutions must be “generic”. Static product solutions are standards and that means process flows are standardised and all have the same orientation. Companies that focus on standard software usually pursue the goal of being able to offer their products and solutions on the market quickly and at low cost.

Our orientation is to clearly differentiate ourselves from the standard and the sameness. Our Proway Business World warehouse management system has been developed to enable customers to easily adapt their processes to market requirements at any time. With our middleware Gamma as a “universal connector”, the customer has the possibility to link all applications, machines and sensors. The Gamma magic cube makes it possible to manage and control the Smart Factory or the Smart City in real time. Our product solution CS/6 enables the dynamic management of your company.

One of the biggest fears of a company is that its business model will be copied overnight. For example, if Google copies the insurance standard and offers you a cheaper car insurance. When Amazon can suddenly advise you on your shopping behaviour and finances. When Apple suddenly offers you leasing contracts more easily and cheaper because Apple has already been accompanying you with electronic services for many years. These examples are based on an electronic standard that can be used to offer low-cost services to a large number of people.

But to return to our sustainability: Proway’s goal is to offer its current and future customers solutions with which they can grow and with which they can develop. Above and beyond the standard.
The only way out of the trap of “standard and sameness” is to create added value. This path is usually uncomfortable, costs time, energy and money. But the return is a safer and better future.

It is not only of benefit to the customer, but also to our employees. Projects and products that are constantly being developed advance the individual employee in his activities and thinking through his daily work. We laid the basis for this with the founding of Proway more than 20 years ago. Our references and certificates on our website demonstrate that we already have sustainably aligned ourselves for the future with our innovations and products.

Proway – for a safer and better future.


Proway stands for both economic and ecologic sustainability throughout the entire supply chain. By achieving its CO2 reduction targets, Proway intends to fulfill the global and ecological responsibility and be a benchmark for other companies.

Our goals

  • Development of software that requires less computing power and so reduces energy consumption.
  • Creation of the GAMMA product solution and middleware for effective and sustainable control of processes, machines and devices.
  • Development of the GAMMA Magic Cube for the coordination and efficient control of 100,000 sensors. This enables energy consumption to be significantly reduced.
  • Programming of our warehouse management software Proway Business World to make operational processes in the warehouse and logistics industry efficient and dynamic. This allows resources to be used in a forward-looking and sustainable way. Not only in the field of energy but also in time and personnel management.

Proway’s goals are in accordance with European recognised standards and support the Paris Agreement of December 2015 with regard to limiting the increase in global average temperature, reducing emissions and adapting to climate change, as well as directing financial resources in line with climate protection goals.

In addition to looking closely at ways to reduce our own CO2 emissions, Proway is looking to maximise its energy efficiency, drive ecosystem and biodiversity improvement, and contribute to species diversity, land use and animal welfare.


Partnerships & Certifications

Partnerships & Certifications

Quality, security, standardised processes and sustainable environmental awareness are important to us and a matter of course. We continuously review and improve our services and work processes. Our certifications demonstrate high reliability, efficiency and security.

Our products are all subject to high standards and are met in terms of their features, performance, security, durability through to software integrity.

More than one million companies worldwide have been certified in the field of quality management – and new companies are being added every day. This indicates that this series of standards is of outstanding importance globally. That is why Proway is certified in the field of IT and engineering. The high quality standards and the strict project and process guidelines of this standard additionally support us in our daily work and ensure mutual project success. With this certification we have further increased our effectiveness and at the same time optimised our processes and interfaces so that we can face the future with confidence.

Partners & Memberships

With our partnerships and memberships in various national and international networks, we offer you customised solutions and services and are active wherever innovations are created and knowledge transfer is ensured. We champion issues that drive you and us and contribute to the development and update of important standards.

Member of the German Logistics Associationik
Member and distributor
Approval by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology
Member of the association Embedded4You e.V.
ProGlove Gold Partner
Member of the Association of the Bavarian Metal and Electrical Industry
Member of the Network Smart Production
Avedium Partner
AMS Partner
Systemhaus Ulm Partner
blindwerk Partner


We are audited and certified in various fields since many years and offer you high reliability, security and the best possible service as a competent partner. In sensitive and safety-relevant areas such as aerospace, it is essential for us to offer our customers processes with maximum quality assurance.

Automotive industry Certification for the specifications of the VDa - Verband der Automobilindustrie e.V.
Automotive industry certification for information security
Validation by Fraunhofer IML
Quality Management System Certification DIN EN ISO 9001:2015

Research and Innovation

We are also involved beyond our own projects and participate in several initiatives shaping the technological future. Further information on request.

Title Fraunhofer-IBP


About Proway

About Proway

Proway is a system house with a networked organization for the future. Clear strategies, networked know-how and modern information technologies form the foundation of our system house. Our customers benefit from our expertise in teams and tools and the consistent implementation of our networked approach in all industries. Our goal is to unite technologies in order to create added value for our customers. Our strengths are:

  • Steady and long-term growth
  • Financial solidity and autonomy
  • In-house cross-industry know-how
  • Structured proceeding
  • Long-term investments
  • High quality standards through in-house development
  • High customer satisfaction
  • Specialist for software solutions for 20 years

IT Services - Products - Branches

The hardware and software industry is subject to enormous changes. In order to keep pace in this rapidly changing market, Proway has a two-way strategy. Proway offers its customers consulting and development expertise, as well as wide-ranging product solutions. On this basis, Proway has built up its competence and know-how in the technical and IT area for many years.

This is not only confirmed by successful certifications, but also by the annual Fraunhofer product validation. The framework for this is provided by the current level 3 security protection TISAX, which Proway can offer its customers in terms of security.


Our project teams

With focused knowledge and a high level of service and quality awareness, our project teams are committed to the success of our customers. They react quickly and flexibly to very special requirements, put together the right team and solve even the most difficult tasks. Our well-coordinated project teams consist of:

    • Engineers in telecommunications, electronics and media informatics
    • Computer scientists
    • Technicians
    • Natural scientists
    • Economists



Extract of our customers

For more than twenty years, we have supported individual and major projects in medium-sized businesses, large companies and international operating corporate groups from various business sectors. With our technologies, we serve customers from automotive, financial, industrial and chemical, retail, aerospace and public sectors.

Extract of our customers

For more than twenty years, we have supported individual and major projects in medium-sized businesses, large companies and international operating corporate groups from various business sectors. With our technologies, we serve customers from automotive, financial, industrial and chemical, retail, aerospace and public sectors.