Proway practical essay

Our practical essay in the book “Wege in das digitalisierte Lager” (Ways to the digitalised warehouse)
With the book “Wege in das digitalisierte Lager” (Ways to the digitalised warehouse), the Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics IML is publishing a practice-oriented guide for successfully managing the digital transformation of a warehouse. Proway participates here with a practical essay:

Digitalisation makes it possible to automate logistical processes and save costs. One important field relates to the company’s internal demand management, as well as the planning and scheduling of resources.

Proway has implemented an AI-based method for forecasting the future capacity utilisation of a distribution centre. Recurrent neural networks are used as tools to process historical data and calendar information. The forecast order scenarios and picking efforts can be directly assigned to personnel requirements.

The method is configurable and can be extended by further influencing variables depending on the area of use. We have published details in the following Fraunhofer IML technical book as a practical essay (chapter 6.5):
“Wege in das digitalisierte Lager” (Ways to the digitalised warehouse). Manage the transformation successfully with Warehouse IT.