Multifunction I/O Boards


Configurable 3U & 6U Multifunction I/O Boards

NAI offers a variety of rugged embedded boards – both Multifunction IO Cards & Single Board Computers in OpenVPX, cPCI, VME and PCI/PCIe form factors. When combined with our smart function modules they have the ability to meet a wide range of complex and time-critical sense and response requirements for I/O-intensive, mission-critical applications.

Specifically designed for the most demanding defense, commercial aerospace and industrial applications, these boards are built with a modular IO approach that accelerates deployment of COTS-based, high-density, SWaP-optimized solutions.

Open Systems Architecture

As a result of NAI’s Configurable Open Systems Architecture™ (COSA®), NAI’s IO Boards can be configured in a virtually unlimited number of ways.

Select from over 70 pre-integrated I/O, measurement, simulation or communication functions to meet your application-specific requirements quickly, and without the need for custom boards or NRE charges.

  • Meet design goals rapidly, with more I/O capability at the edges of your applications
  • Reduce overall card count to save both space & cost
  • Lower power consumption to reduce heat and increase system reliability
  • Easily adjust to unplanned design changes in same or smaller footprint
  • Access and manage data via cPCI, PCIe, OpenVPX, VME or Ethernet
  • Use NAI’s Free Software Support Kits & Operating System (OS) independent approach to speed the development and portability of your application software
ModelBoard TypeForm FactorBoard ArchitectureFunction Module SlotsSizeEthernetMaster / SlaveOn Board ReferenceOtherPCIe Function Capable
67G66U, 0.8" Pitch / 4HPARM® Cortex®-A536 slots +24 Ch. Onboard Discrete I/O2 x GbEnd PointYSlot Profile: SLT6-PER-4U-10.3.3 / Module Profile: MOD6-PER-4U-12.3.3-2
68G53U, 0.8" Pitch / 4HPDual Core ARM® Cortex®-A9 at 800 MHz32 x GbBothSlot Profile: SLT3-PER-1U-14.3.3 / Module
68G5P3U, 0.8" Pitch / 4HPDual Core ARM® Cortex® A9 at 800 MHz32 x GbE or Base-KXEndpointSLT3-PER-1U-14.3.3 / Backplane accessible: 1 x1 PCIe lane to Module-Slot-3 & 1 SATA Interface to Module-Slot-2Yes
64C26U, 0.8" Pitch / 4HPBF533 / Cyclone® II61 x GbSlaveY
64C36U, 0.8" Pitch / 4HPBF533 / Cyclone® III62 x GbBothY
64CS46U, 0.8" Pitch / 4HPBF533 / Cyclone® II51 x GbSlaveYHigh power D/S capable
64G5VME6U, 0.8" Pitch / 4HPARM / Xilinx® Zynq62 x GbBothYUser application ARM processor capability
67C36U, 0.8" Pitch / 4HPBF533 / Cyclone® III62 x GbBothYSlot Profile: SLT6-BRG-4F1V2T-10.5.1
68C33U, 0.8" Pitch / 4HPBF533 / Cyclone® IV2 + 1/22 x GbBoth
75C33U, 0.8" Pitch / 4HPS/B Cyclone® II2 + 1/21 x GbSlave
75C53U, 0.8" Pitch / 4HPBF533 / Cyclone® III2 + 1/21 x GbBoth
75D43U, 0.8" Pitch / 4HPBF533 / Cyclone® III1 double width2 x GbBoth
75D4-H23U, 0.8" Pitch / 4HPBF533 / Cyclone® III1 double width module slot occupied by H2 switch12 x GbBoth
75G53U, 0.8" Pitch / 4HPARM / Xilinx® Zynq32 x GbBoth
76CS3PCI5FullYHigh Power D/S capable
78C26U, 0.8" Pitch / 4HPBF533 / Cyclone® II61 x GbSlaveYHigh power D/S capable
78CS26U, 0.8" Pitch / 4HPBF533 / Cyclone® II51 x GbSlaveY
79G5PCIeXilinx 7015 ARM® Cortex®-A931/2N/A