Rugged COTS Systems


Rugged COTS Switches

NAI’s family of highly configurable Rugged COTS Systems are ideally suited for defense, commercial aerospace, and industrial applications that require high-density I/O, communications, Ethernet switching, and processing for mission-critical tasks such as communications, guidance, sense and response, data acquisition and motion control. The simplified, modular approach of our Configurable Open Systems Architecture™ (COSA®) enables us to use the same building blocks across multiple platforms and programs, making it possible for you to develop semi-custom solutions quickly, without NRE, while retaining all the benefits of COTS products.

ModelBoard TypeDimensions w/ Connectors (w x h x d)Volume w/ Connectors (in3)Weight / lbs (fully populated)Est. Typ. Power Dissipation (W)# of Board SlotsFunction Module SlotsMax I/O PinsEthernet
SIU363U OpenVPX7.13" x 4.78" x 9.31"320< 6.85 lbs. Chassis plus ~ 1.25 lbs. for PSU and each addl. board50 to 150 W6189062 x Gb
NIU1AModule6.8" x 1.5" x 2.5"28.90< 1.25 to 15 WN/A1592 x Gb
NIU2AModule7.0" x 3.0" x 2.5"52.5< 2.755 to 25 WN/A21322 x Gb
NIU3EModule7.2" x 6.6" x 3.0" (est.)12065 to 25 WN/A3N/A16x 10/100/1000Base-T (GbE) 4x 10GBase-SR Fiber
NIU3AModule7.2" x 5.65" x 3.25" (est.)1205.45 to 25 WN/A32062 x Gb
SIU313U cPCI4.71" x 2.35" x 8.71"96.41< 5.07 to 35 W131322 x Gb
SIU333U cPCI4.71" x 4.78" x 8.71"196.10< 10.014 to 75 W393222 x Gb
SIU353U cPCI7.13" x 4.78" x 8.71"296.85< 15.025 to 100 W5155122 x Gb
SIU66U VME11.75" x 3.35" x 8.65"340.49< 14.012 to 60 W2123162 x Gb

Rugged Ethernet Switches

Today’s smart, sensor-based combat systems must acquire, process and share large amounts of real-time data from diverse sources continuously – and with a high level of readiness. NAI’s Rugged Systems are designed to provide fast, fail-safe access to sensor-based information in the harshest military environments while optimizing size, weight and power requirements.

NAI offers, and continues to support, primary or single-function I/O boards designed for a specific, single-purpose application. Based on the specialized application itself, from the interface connectors through the motherboard, to the specific function, these boards typically address I/O function integration challenges requiring higher current capacity, layout, and/or grounding requirements. They are specifically designed for rugged defense, commercial aerospace, and industrial applications.

ModelBoard TypeDimensions w/ Connectors (w x h x d)Volume w/ Connectors (in3)Weight / lbs (fully populated)Est. Typ. Power Dissipation (W)EthernetSwitch Type
NIU2A-ES2Gig-E Switch7.13" x 4.78" x 9.31"52.5< 2.7528Up to 16x Base-T Gb, 4x Fiber Optic option, and 1x Gb and 1x RS-232 for maintenanceManaged
RESIU31Gig-E Switch4.71" x 2.35" x 8.71"96.41< 5.010 to 14 WUp to 12 x GbUnmanaged