With the takeover of RST GmbH we are expanding our portfolio. RST is a company that is specialized in the development of real-time middleware platforms.

RST develops the communication and integration platform Gamma, which is now available in the V generation. With this middleware platform, modern machine controls, test systems and even entire factories can now be digitized extremely efficiently.

The most important point in the development of modern applications today is the integration of sensors and subsystems into a homogeneous platform. With this data model, processes can easily communicate with each other and are simultaneously linked via the time model of the middleware. The Gamma V platform supports all these important types of data communication and is the ideal platform when functions and uniform interfaces have to be provided and linked together in a central system.

The Gamma V platform is a proven product that has been on the market for over 25 years and has been continuously developed and optimized. Gamma V is a mature and proven middleware, which is absolutely needed in the time of digitization.

The middleware represents the “universal connector” between the different layers. Whether robots, sensors, PLCs, machines or tools – Gamma V always connects all applications with the best-possible communication.

The philosophy and motivation of RST is the intelligent networking of machines, processes and product informations. Gamma V is therefore a quantum leap in process optimization. The product combines machine controls with different communication concepts on a uniform data level. The maximum flexibility due to the simple adaptability of all components and interfaces simplifies the connection to the processes. In addition, Gamma V is fully real-time capable. The middleware simulates, tests, visualizes, controls and enables the combination of different hardware and operating system platforms, networks, fieldbuses and I/Os with a variety of tools and programming languages. In addition to automation and simulation, Gamma V is also being used in complex long-term test systems.

Using Gamma V, production, process and machine data can be read out at PLC controls and prepared for IT systems. As a digital twin, a synchronous process data model is created that mirrors the machine. Extracted data from the PLC are stored in a structured manner in the main memory with access times of microseconds. Digitization can be carried out without affecting production.

In more than 25 years, the Gamma V product solution has been developed to today’s technical standard with over 70 interfaces and is constantly being optimized.

  • Digitization of modern machine controls and test systems, up to complete factories
  • Connecting and communicating processes using the middleware time model to accurately control application timing. The time model can be used to synchronize the network, I/O plug-ins, data logging, and time behavior of the entire application.
  • Connection of sensors, field buses and systems with different tools are possible
  • Integration of different machine controls with their different communication concepts
  • Hierarchical structured data model with intelligent functions
  • Open, easily adaptable interfaces for independent extensions
  • Maximum flexibility through simple adaptability of all components
  • Cyclic synchronization to reduce network traffic

LONGTERM LIFE CYCLE MANAGEMENT In a Gamma-based system, the application communicates with the hardware via the middleware. In case of hardware changes, the hardware can be addressed as usual by reloading a compatible plug-in. A code adaptation must not be made, because the interface does not have to be changed.


Gamma V can be used in all industries. The communication platform is currently utilized in middleware-based test and automation systems in aerospace, industry, automotive, mechanical engineering, medical technology and research. Gamma V can be used in almost all branches.